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Road Warrior Liquid Paint Protection

8 Ounce kit will coat approximately 15 sq. ft. of finished painted surface. (2 applications per coat)

A typical application is the entire front bumper, leading edge of hood, fenders and rear quarter panels. One bottle will be enough for 2 to 3 full separate applications depending on the car size and how many coats you do. A minimum of 2 is what is recommended.

One applicator tray with roller is included with all kits.

Protect your paint and save hours of clean-up time. Offers temporary, durable protection against rock chips, road rubber, cone marks, and any debris that might otherwise damage paint or clear bra. Perfect for track days, autocross, road trips or off-roading. Nothing else offers temporary, clear, durable protection that peels off like Road Warrior Plus. It's perfectly safe on all paint, directly over clear bra, and over plastic trim. The pictures on this site are our personal cars, and both of our cars have full clear bra. It's been rigorously tested by a laboratory to ensure safety on your vehicle.

IMPORTANT: When applying Road Warrior Plus, make sure you paint on 2-3 thick coats. It's not like painting a wall in your house where you just want to see visible coverage. With Road Warrior Plus, you want it to be very thick, like pancake syrup on top of pancakes, so that when the water evaporates, you are left with a nice, strong, thick coating. The thicker it is, the easier it will peel off. If you have difficulty peeling off, it's probably too thin. Test it on a small section of your hood to see how thick it should be, and watch our videos to see how it should look when applied properly. SECOND POINT: Only peel it off when your car is completely cool and in the shade - ideally no hotter than 70 degrees F. It's easier to peel off the cooler it is, since the product becomes firmer and more solid - much easier to peel. In the heat, it becomes too elastic and sticky, sort of like taffy. SUMMARY: 2-3 thick coats are essential. Peel it off only when it's cool.


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